13 October 2013

Caffiene has never killed anyone...right?

This was me preparing for a long night with inappropriate applications of caffiene well into darkness.  I was writing, but unfortunately not reviews.

The news that I actually wanted to share was that I am caught up again on the Hugos. I actually finished Redshirts...I don't know...maybe a week ago.  I don't have any conception of time anymore now that I no longer have Hugos to tick off the passage of time against.  Either that or my brain is busted.  Hmm, yeah, it's probably busted.

I just finished a really exhausting project so no caffiene tonight. Just sleep. But I should get to at least one review this week!


  1. I've also finished Red Shirts. Would love to read your views. Mine isn't too complimentary.

  2. Wow! Congratulations. That was a long project and I bet it really does feel weird to be caught up.

    Looking forward to seeing what comes next.


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