I started this blog as a part of a challenge to myself to read every Hugo Award winning book ever and to run my first marathon. I'll read a book every week and chronicle my experiences reading through 64 books in 64 weeks and training for a marathon in one of the most dangerous areas for pedestrians in the country.

The Hugo Awards
The Hugo Awards began in 1955.  Science fiction titles are annually nominated and voted on by members of the World Science Fiction Convention.  There are 15 award categories but I'll be sticking to Best Novel.  Fantasy titles are also eligible for the award, which I'm okay with.

Space Coast Marathon
This will be my first marathon ever.  It is the only space-themed marathon in the world, possibly in the entire universe.


  1. This is such a great idea for a blog. I've only recently gotten into sci-fi (within the past year) and I've found the Hugo winners to be a great starting point.

  2. SJ recommended this blog over on the Booksluts page, and I had to come check it out. FANTASTIC idea. Both with the Hugos and the marathon. I'll follow along.

    1. When you say fantastic, I assume you mean fantastically stupid, because that is how it feels sometimes ;)

      But seriously, thanks for checking it out, I'll take all the kind words I can get.

      P.S. Thanks to SJ for the shout-out too!

  3. You can update that you are a marathoner now!

  4. Great site. I just found it a few days ago. I've started a personal challenge of reading the Hugo winners, but not 64 in 64...I'm a slow reader. It's made unemployment a little more tolerable. I've read about 25 so far. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell took me a month, but I loved it. Yiddish Policeman's Union took a week, but I was really disappointed in it.

    I was wondering if you could comment a little more in your recommendations about winners from a series where the first book(s) didn't receive a Hugo. Is a book enjoyable if there are one or more predecessors? E.g. Had you read David Brin's Sundiver before Startide Rising and Uplift War? Is Red Mars necessary to understand Green Mars and Blue Mars?

  5. Thanks Stephen! Good luck working your way through all of them no matter what the pace. I've fallen from my goal of 64 weeks but I'm still chugging along.

    I've mentioned the way that series are treated briefly in some of my posts and subsequent comments and I still plan to post something with a more detailed discussion sooner or later (probably when I finish).

    Responding to your two examples though: The Uplift Trilogy is great no matter what order you read it, but if you try to read Robinson's Mars Trilogy out of order, you will be sorry indeed! Definitely hit Red Mars first, it is a magnificent piece of work. You won't regret the extra time.

  6. Hi Jeremy, I wanted to let you know I've started my own blog about the Hugos. I'm hoping I'll also post reviews of other books I've read, and give me impetus to write in general. I've acknowledged you and your blog as a source of inspiration. I also like the format of your blog, and may use it as a starting point in getting mine organized. I hope you don't mind. It's my first blog, and it'll be some time before it's looking good. But I'm just hoping to have a little fun and in the process, get to writing a little more. It's at http://itstartedwiththehugos.blogspot.com/ Thanks again for having a great blog.

  7. Hey Jeremy, if you haven't seen it, check out today's blog post on WWEnd (1/30/2014). You're listed as one of the top 10 review contributors.


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