24 November 2012

Go Forth...and Die.

The Space Coast Marathon, my first marathon, is about 30 hours away.  I haven't yet figured out how any blogging might work this weekend but I might even try to resurrect the video update!

I had my last training run on Thursday and even though it was really short, my energy was crazy high.  At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I was feeling like I was standing outside the Stratos, 128,000-feet up and ready to jump.  At this point, I know I'll cross the finish line but how I get there is anybody's guess.  I'm confident adrenaline and the prospect of completing one half of the challenge of this blog would propel me to Mars right now, and I will be near Cape Canaveral so there's a good chance I'll reach escape velocity.

Sure Emme, you can measure Daddy.  I have nothing better to do.

Well, I've done just about everything I can except train in a way that doesn't suggest I am a complete idiot.  For the record,
<-------that is my happy face.

But seriously, I've got just about as much gear as I could ask for.  Here, the only thing missing is my clothing which I bought in preparation for warm weather.  As it turns out it should be a low of something like 53-degrees, which in Florida may as well be the temperature of the surface of the Moon.  Again, my intelligence on display.

Some things of note here.  1) The weird sock.  I've developed pretty bad Plantar Fasciitis.  The sleeve is made just for the problem and my local running shop gave it to me for free.  I likely would not finish without it.  It was only in the past month that I realized my foot pain was neither normal nor acceptable and it has progressed to the point now that at about 3 to 5 miles into a run, my foot feels like it will break in half.  I'll let you know how it feels after 26.2-miles.  2) Once the sweat happens, my current pair of glasses literally shoot off of my face.  I'll be running in an old pair which means I'll be running half-blind.  Setting myself up for success.  3) That little deodorant looking thing.  It is simultaneously one of the things I couldn't run this marathon without and also my final reminder before running that what I am about to do is just moronic.  I am about to run so far that my body will literally fall apart if it is not properly smeared with a great quantities of grease.  It's like a horribly depraved runners anointing.  In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, go ye therefore and run until thy body doth crumble.


  1. love the post title. thanks for the smile.

    good luck on your marathon, I hope the gear and the clothing do everything they're supposed to and that you finish strong.


  2. Good luck dude. As I recall, the guy who ran the first "marathon" died at the end? So, may the force be with you. Hopefully you'll come back as a blue ghost and can keep writing reviews of the Hugo winners.

  3. Thanks all of you! Neal, that made me smile like an idiot.


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