31 October 2012

Playing Jenga with Neal!

I'm catching up on reading, but I'm really behind on posting reviews.  Sorry.

Here's some goofiness to tide you over:

First, Neal posted about book piles here.
Then, Neal asked about book stacks here.

I thought I'd answer your question, Neal, with pictures.

We like our stacks too, Neal!

You actually know exactly how long my TBR pile is right now, but I also have a number of titles that I've picked up along the way this year that will probably keep me occupied for a while after I'm all done.
And we even decorate them for birthday parties!


  1. Those are some sweet stacks! They even look...organized! Aesthetically organized! Floating in the air like things from science fiction stories. I'm a fan.

  2. That is such a fun idea! I always love seeing people's book stacks but I don't think I've seen anything this fun.

    1. It is pretty fun until you need a book at the bottom of one of the high piles... and of course my RIP review forced me to go through my zombie cinema book which was in just such a location :-)

  3. True! But then I feel the same way when I got my shelves all neat and tidy and then mess em' up when I go pull a book off to read. I need to get some fake replacement books like they used to have in university libraries so that I can use that as a placeholder so the bookshelves stay neat.


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