24 October 2012

Jeremy Posts a Review in which He Actually Discusses the Plot!

A number of months ago, I was the recipient of a copy of E.C. Myers' YA novel, Fair Coin, via a Worlds Without End giveaway.  You see, Pyr had sent them a few hardback titles and, as they often do, the folks at WWEND wanted to make people feel loved.

For whatever reason, I was looked upon favorably by the book gods (I must not have fallen off my reading schedule yet), so I figure I should make some kind gesture of obeisance to said gods and write a review (also I might have promised Rico).  So then I figured that WWEND is just so awesome, that I should post it there exclusively (oh god, exclusively? they must be literally vibrating with excitement) and force you all to >>>GO THERE<<<

It was a pretty fun book.  It's YA, but it treats young readers with respect and expects them to be able to handle some pretty rough stuff.  I've said before that I like it when authors do that.


  1. Read your review. Looks like I have another to add to my unending TBR. <.<

  2. Aha, this was the one you won at WWEnd! Great review, and sounds like something I would certainly enjoy, considering all the darker elements.


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