11 October 2012

A Stake Through the Heart of The Rules

Well, I try hard to learn from my mistakes.  I very often fail.

In an attempt to avoid the same problems I had in the 1980's with books like Cyteen, I made the hard decision to abandon yet another of my self-imposed rules.  The die that I have lived and died by for so long know, must depart.  The length of the Hugo Winners have been steadily increasing with the 1980's shaping up to be require of me more pages read than the 1970's despite the fact that I've only read five titles in print edition!  The 1990's are looking to do the same thing to me.

You know I've been working exhaustively to ensure I can finish this challenge in time.  Sadly,  to leave my reading schedule for the rest of the year up to the die, would be asking for failure.

Are you still reading or are you tearing up?

So, I had to do the unthinkable - plot in advance to break The Rules.  So I decided to plan ahead and choose my reading schedule based on the length of each title and the availablity of audiobook or print formats from my library (somehow no library in the area has Barrayar - WTF?!).  Premeditated, cold-blooded, wanton rule breaking.  So here's how it all worked out:

Week  Title Format
1 The Vor Game Audiobook
A Fire Upon the Deep Print
2 Doomsday Book Print/Kindle
Green Mars Audiobook
3 Doomsday Book Print/Kindle
Green Mars Audiobook
4 Green Mars
Forever Peace Print
5 To Say Nothing of the Dog Print/Kindle
6 To Say Nothing of the Dog
Hyperion Audiobook
7 Blue Mars Print/Kindle
Hyperion Audiobook
8 Blue Mars Print/Kindle
9 Blue Mars
Barrayar Audiobook
10 Diamond Age Print/Kindle
11 Diamond Age
Mirror Dance Audiobook

Once I had broken the rules, I guess I was pretty quickly desensitized to the brutality of the act and I did my nerd thing that I love to do (I hope you can see it better when you click it):

So that's that.  I've got about a week and a half to finish up the 80's and it's looking like it won't be a problem.  Just over two decades left.  How exciting right ;)

Oh, and the Space Coast Marathon falls on the beginning of Week 6 so I was happy I could take it easy in week 5.


  1. What are rules anyway? Artificial constructs to contain our fears of losing control. Self-imposed boundaries providing us with an artificial sense of comfort. Meant to be broken, to be continuously re-assessed. Yeh to the eternal rebel!

    1. Ha! I'm so rebellious. Willfully defying...myself. But really, I'm gonna miss rolling the die every week :-)


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