04 September 2012

1970's Cover Mashup

This is just a quick post because I forgot to add my image of all the covers for the 1970's winners to my decade review post.  For the most part, the copies I used weren't all that impressive.  Nevertheless, I think my top three are:

  1. Rendezvous With Rama
  2. Dreamsnake
  3. The Left Hand of Darkness

I would have included The Forever War, but it gives the creeps.  Real bad.

See you tomorrow with a late posting of last week's book review.


  1. So, I know you're only reading the winners, but WHEN YOU'RE DONE - if you're not totally burnt out on sf (and if you haven't already read it) - you should check out The Mote in God's Eye by Niven and Pournell. It didn't win, but it was nominated for the Hugo in (I think) '75, and it's probably one of my favourite sf books of the 70s.

    You don't necessarily have to read the sequel. It was okay, but it wasn't as brilliantly terrifying at the first.

    1. Also, I should probably spell Jerry Pournelle's name right, yeah? Jeez.

    2. Thanks! I'm definitely not planning on burning out so the recommendation is well taken. Although I haven't necessarily been reading nominees, there have been a number of times that I wished to have time for them. I have actually been able to listen to a couple as a "bonus book", during my commute, while also reading the winner.

      And I am keeping a list of all the titles I've come across as a result of the blog or other book challenges this year (including your fantasy recommendations from earlier) so I'll be sure to add this one to the list. I looked this title up at my library and it's funny but the whole entire county only has the sequel but not this one. Dumb.

      Anyway, thanks again and feel free to recommend ANYTHING at ANYTIME! I like having a long list to choose from :)

  2. @essjay, that is a good book. I read it many years ago and still remember it fondly. It may well have been my first space-opera type sf I've read at the time, then still just really reading short story collections. May have been middle to late 80s when I first read it (I can even remember the actual book I borrowed from the library, a hefty hardcover, read over a holiday). I since bought a few copies and gladly pass it along. I remember it for the the huge cast of characters, and - of course - the aliens.

    I do like the cover if Forever War.

    1. I think I probably STARTED it five times before I actually finished it. The first (I think) 75 pages or so are pretty heavy science and I had a difficult time getting into it. Once I made myself get past the beginning, though, I quickly realized why it's considered a classic.

      I've probably read it four or five times now, and I still find it deliciously cerebral and just downright scary.

      It's a real thought-provoker.

    2. Emil, that's so funny. When I wrote that I liked it but it creeped me out, I had the trace of a thought that you probably liked it. Maybe you said something about another cover like it before, or maybe I've been reading too many Foundation novels and I'm developing my skills in mentalics ;-)


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