13 March 2012

Some Updates

After finally getting healthy enough to run, I twisted my knee getting into the damn bed last night.  Felt like I pulled one of those knee ligaments which is NOT good.  Gonna have to take it easy again, cause I don't want to tear anything that takes months to heal.  I now, officially hate my knee.  Expect me to malign it publicly in the future.

Voting  for the February GMRC review poll ends on the 15th.  It's a close race between some pretty awesome reviews, so every vote counts!
Also in preparation for later in the challenge when I'm looking for something other than SF to listen to during my commute I joined up with another reading challenge.

Beware of the Froggies has a French Authors challenge that actually started in September, which I found out means I can already count Journey to the Center of the Earth, which I read late last year.  This one is kind of a significant departure from the HEP project, but I've had a couple French titles on my list for a while and I figured this would be a good opportunity for me to finally get to them.


  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear about the knee. Although, it does beg the question on how one actually go about causing self-inflicted bodily harm getting INTO bed. I've heard about a torn ligament during a chess match, believe it or not (jumping up from joy and Wham!), but getting INTO bed is a new one :-) Pardon my misplaced levity. I do hope it's not too serious and that you'll recover soon.

    1. I'm glad that my near death experience amuses you :) It was the clumsy capstone to a clumsy evening. Luckily it seems that I'll be fine (aside from my pride) and it wasn't all that bad.

    2. Thank the heavens one does not need a knee to read :-)


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