31 March 2012

The Lies of Locke Lamora Read Along Week 4

Week 4 of the Lynchmob’s madness is behind us.  Next week, Lynch is doing an AMA on Reddit’s fantasy subreddit.  Lady’s, don’t let me be the first one to propose!

This section of the book was so intense I don’t really even know what to say…

Let’s just get into the questions

1.      In the chapter “A Curious Tale for Countess Amberglass” we learn of the tradition of the night tea in Camorr. I found that not so much fantastical as realistic – how about you?

I have actually been thinking about something similar recently.  It’s funny, in any given SF title in which food is consumed, it is likely that someone will be drinking coffee.  On Mars, on planets light years away, in space ships, in alternate universes.  Somehow, in any possible parallel universe or timeline, coffee and now tea, seem to stick.  I like coffee and tea so I’m okay with it, but it does make me wonder what about the process of steeped beverages is so damn vital to human existence?

2.      When Jean meets with what will become the Wicked Sisters for the first time, the meeting is described very much like how people feel when they find their true work or home. Agree? Disagree? Some of both?

I actually hadn’t thought of it that way, but it’s totally right.  It was an epiphany.  I don’t know, this was probably the only interlude story that I wasn’t completely enthralled with.  Not sure why, I’ll probably like it when I re-read it :)

3.      Salt devils. Bug. Jean. The description is intense. Do you find that description a help in visualizing the scene? Do you find yourself wishing the description was occasionally – well – a little less descriptive?

Uh…I was so worried about Locke that I didn’t even care about those things :)

4.      This section has so much action in it, it’s hard to find a place to pause. But…but.. oh, Locke. Oh, Jean. On their return to the House of Perelandro, their world is turned upside down. Did you see it coming?

Unfortunately I did see this coming.  Not because I predicted it, but because I saw a quote on a blog.  It wasn’t a surprise when I found that out and it was actually okay because when I was listening to this part, I was running and my adrenaline was so high that when Bug died and my emotions were kriffing everywhere.  I was literally choking back tears!  “Am I a Gentleman Bastard?”   Man that really got me.

5.      Tavrin Callas’s service to the House of Aza Guilla is recalled at an opportune moment, and may have something to do with saving a life or three. Do you believe Chains knew what he set in motion? Why or why not?

At first, I thought he had a grand plan and thought that the Grey King had something to do with him.  Now I think he just understood the value of being prepared for ANYTHING.  Maybe he was a Scout?

6.      As Locke and Jean prepare for Capa Raza, Dona Vorchenza’s remark that the Thorn of Camorr has never been violent – only greedy and resorting to trickery – comes to mind again. Will this pattern continue?

This is a hard question to answer because the Camorri conception of justifiable violence is very different than what I’m comfortable.  Also, I’m not sure she is actually right…remember their fight with Conte?

7.      Does Locke Lamora or the Thorn of Camorr enter Meraggio’s Countinghouse that day? Is there a difference?

Wow, this might be the best question so far.  Hmm…

I think Locke entered.  No plan, just trying to literally pick the law scribe’s pockets from him.  But once he sees Meraggio and his plan develops so quickly, I think it is the Thorn of Camorr who leaves.


  1. What a perfect response to the first question. Why is it that nearly every world (fantastical, sci-fi, alternate reality, etc.) has to have tea/coffee/variant? Either that, or some sort of tobacco product.

    I think I'm with you, as to it being Locke that enters the Countinghouse, but it's the Thorn that takes over and leaves.

  2. Right?! Especially with Heinlein, they will be on some distant planet or in a completely different timeline and somehow they hang on to the most elaborate breakfast traditions...

  3. I like where you are going with the steeped beverages thing. . . maybe it's like beer, where everyone in epic fantasy stories drinks beer because once upon a time the water wasn't clean enough to drink. unless you boiled it to kill whatever was in it, and steeped something yummy in it? I guess what I'm getting as is tea and coffee have been part of cultures for a really long time.

    oh Bug. that last scene with him always makes me cry. i've read this book who knows how many times, and I know it's coming, and still. every time I start to cry.

    I love everyone's different answers to #7!!

    1. I don't ever want to read that scene with Bug again :(

  4. Drinking tea is almost considered a cure all for anything isn't it. You have horrible news and somebody will undoubtedly offer to 'put the kettle on for a brew'! Makes me laugh. Saying that, after reading the scene with bug I went and made a cup of tea! It kept the teas a bay!!

    After MUCH deliberation I've finally come to the conclusion that Locke and The Thorn are inseparable - but it's taken lots of wrining of my hands to get to this point and I'm fairly sure I'll change my mind in the next five minutes.

    Lynn :D

    1. Yeah, lots of home remedies are teas or some kind of steeped concoction. So health and mental/spiritual benefits from tea... I guess I can believe we'd hang on to it for a while.

      And drinking tea is my second favorite thing to do while reading; it's right behind drinking wine:)


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