03 March 2012

I Forgot Something

Another thing that started this week was Little Red Reviewer's The Lies of Locke Lamora Read Along.  This read along is actually hosted by a few different folks from a number of great review sites and will actually include the first 2 books in the Gentleman Bastard Sequence.  Lies was nominated for a couple Fantasy awards in 2007 so I'm claiming that is the nexus with HEP and everyone is believing me.

Every week we read a bit and wait for questions/whatever to come from one of the hosts and post on our blogs on Saturday.  The rest of the weekend will be spent running around the internet doing/saying fanboy/girl things and generally causing a ruckus over, from what I can tell after only a couple days reading is probably going to become, one of my new all time favorites.  If not, the hosts are all pretty bad-ass reviewers, so there should at least be some good discussions.  

So why would I ever take on another book when my reading schedule has already reached a fever pitch?  Read this description from Andrea and tell me you aren't interested:

Detail the third:  These books are rated super R for casual violence, violence towards children, promotion of flexible morals,  massive amounts of glamorized criminal activity, occasional drug and alcohol use, a smidgen of bought and paid for sex, and oh gods, the swear words. So many deliciously magnificent naughty words! If you wouldn’t use the word delicious or magnificent to describe creative invective, and if you are at all offended by anything else listed above, this may not be the read along for you.  Really. I’m not kidding. Don’t even ask me if this would be appropriate for your fourteen year old kid.

Right? Am I right?!  And when she says deliciously magnificent naughty words...oh god are they done well (and delivered perfectly in the audiobook).

So for the next couple of months HEP will include an extra book discussion each Saturday (starting next), and my insanity level is sure to reach institutional levels.  But that's what we're all here for right?  To watch things burn?  

And, if I'm allowed to quote Andrea one last time, "which of you bastards is on board for this fucking thing?"

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