09 March 2012

Fundamental Stuff

I don’t see why my belief in a god you can’t accept is any more rarefied than Mike’s vision of the atom as a-hole-inside-a-hole-through-a-hole.  I expect that in the long run, when we get right down to the fundamental stuff of the universe, we’ll find that there’s nothing there at all—just nothings moving no-place through no-time.  On the day that that happens, I’ll have God and you will not—otherwise there’ll be no difference between us.
Pg 95

No video update this week.  Sorry.  Your update for this week’s book is pretty good though.  I really wanted to not like this book but it is too good.  I think we are shaping up for a SERIOUS battle for the Gravity Well Award!

First week of The Lies of Locke Lamora read along is starting this week!

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