18 February 2012

Some Late Night Thoughts

Conspicuously never used
The Demolished Man really came together in the last 40 pages and I'm a lot more happy with it now, so hopefully tomorrow's review will be more interesting...if I ever get around to writing it.

But yeah, remember when these were a thing?  I'm really curious how old this is because even though they still used them at my university, they only had columns for the due date.  When was the last time a one of these cards had "Borrower's Name" on it?!

This got me thinking about other things that they did, even when I was in college.  Posting grades on the doors of a classroom or in the hall way for instance.  How were they still doing that?!

I think this is what Yeezy was talking about when he said "That shit crae."  Right?  Probably.

In other news, my wife ran in a pretty big race today and I got my first taste of what a more heavily attended race than I'm accustomed to will feel like.  I'm really going to have to be prepared for that once the marathon rolls around.  I won't want to use all my energy on the excitement of the weekend and festivities.  Probably I will though anyway.  Yikes!

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