02 September 2013

Finished...For Now

Well, I guess I won't get to enjoy this view (below) for much longer.  Congratulations to ALL the Hugo winners who are not reading this!

I've still got to get to a number of reviews yet, and I feel like I still have a lot of other thoughts that I've been meaning to take down here, but right now I'm still feeling like I've completed something.  Combined with the excitement of the streaming Hugo Award Ceremony and the all the pictures and status updates from LoneStarCon, I'm feeling pretty happy.  Gee, having finished all the Hugos sure made this year's announcement feel different.

Now off to the library to get Redshirts!  Oh wait, it's Labor Day... TOMORROW THEN!


  1. Congratulations! Just in time for Redshirts! It's great to see the excitement of your completion, as well as running right out to get the Scalzi book. I finally got into Fire in the Deep and am finally about a third through it, which is good because I only have one renewal with the library left on it. I still have 13 books to go, plus I want to pick up the 2013 women of genre fiction challenge since I've already read 6 women writers for the first time this year.

    Take care...and looking forward to the reviews!

  2. Thanks! Hope you're enjoying A Fire... I liked it a lot.

  3. Awesome! Well done! I'm still a few books away from finishing, but I why rush, I have the rest of my life :-)

    What now?

    1. Thanks for sticking around this whole time Emil! Well, there's still a heck of a lot of SF to catch up on. In particular, I've got a couple Harlan Ellison titles that a certain someone gave me probably over a year ago!

      Nice btw...rubbing in how unnecessary this whole process was ;-)


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