18 July 2012

The Impeachable

We all know the rules and grading and just about everything on this blog has been a moving target.  After last week's book, To Your Scattered Bodies Go, it became apparent that simply keeping a list of the Hugo Award's paragons of SF was ignoring and really unintentionally discriminatory against those miraculously bad Hugo's that, against all odds, continue to exist.  This also fails to capitalize on my ability as Supreme Arbiter over the Hugos to issue proclamations as I see fit.  So with that in mind...

~ ~ ~


Whereas, there exist SF titles, which despite winning a Hugo Award, release a stench upon the world so foul as to offend the noble and refined literary palettes of the SF world; and

Whereas, the SF genre has been inundated with repugnant garbage since the very ancient times in the history of the genre; and

Whereas, the Supreme Arbitor wields a staff of literary justice with grace and compassion heretofore unseen in the blogosphere; and

Whereas, the Hugo Endurance Project is insignificant enough that no one will care if there favorite book gets panned; and

Whereas, however, the Hugo Endurance Project maintains the authoritative record of the worthiness of the Hugo winners; and

Whereas, my logic is undeniable;

Let it be known on this 17th day of July in the year 2012, that the Hugo Endurance Project will initiate a record, known hereinafter as "THE IMPEACHABLE", which will highlight the most foul, reprobate and maladroit titles in the history of the Hugo Awards.

~ ~ ~

How's that for an announcement.  Okay, I may have gone a little overboard... and a little silly, but I do intend to "hereinafter" maintain a counterpart to the Paragons for books such as... Well, you'll just have to wait and find out, won't you?  I should have it up in a couple days.  Look for it.


  1. Ja, shame, there is a place in the world for the bottom feeders also. Looking forward to it. In terms of the Paragons, I'm still very surprised about "Dreamsnake."

    And your "Proclamation" is just ... well ... a work of art, worthy of similar accolades as bestowed upon that other declaration, of which the rough draft is housed at The Library of Congress.

    1. Hahaha. I stand behind Dreamsnake. I really enjoyed it and it alternated between creepy and touching and was just a good story to hear. I'd guess that the paragons will change quite a lot by the end. Maybe I'll keep Dreamsnake up there just for you ;)


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