01 June 2012

"I Know Kung-Fu"


More terrible scans, I know, but I have to show you this.  Some parts of Stand on Zanzibar have felt very cinematic.  When I got to this part, I couldn't help thinking I was reading an Art House script.  There have been other times when I felt I was reading a page of Fight Club (book or movie) when Tyler Durden is at his finest and the film is coming unhinged.  Then there are moments of The Matrix, when Donald is "eptifying" martial arts I couldn't help making comparisons to Neo "jacking in" and downloading kung-fu.  This book has really been all over the place and though sometimes it feels a little dated, there are (obviously) many times when it remains relevant.  It's been fun, weird, nauseating...everything!


  1. It took me quite some time to finish this one. I can't help but to think that Brunner purposefully meant it to be all over the place, giving us a very real sense of the over-population and information overload themese.

    1. I agree and I do think he was successful. I was nearly claustrophobic reading this!


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