15 May 2012

Who's A Stupid, Fat Hobbit Now?

I've been a little remiss lately.  I haven't had time to get on the blog as often as I'd like and I've been a little disappointed with my reviews lately.  As I sat thinking about which books are in the running for The Gravity Well and whether I've missed anything, I realized I forgot to announce the 1960's Master of the Precious award for R. A. Heinlein's three Hugo Winners.  If you missed any of these reviews, here they are:

The best HEP Score came from TMHM, which was also one of the highest scores in general.  Really though, if you read my reviews, the choice is simple here.  Starship Troopers was good.  Not great, not terrible, and as I said in my recommendation -- his philosophy was rather limp and mostly fell flat.  SiaSL was amazing at first.  Mike's transition to Earth was captivating and hilarious.  I actually barked out laughing like an idiot quite a few times.  But then, the second half of the book becomes so preachy and most of the dialogue is just an excuse for Heinlein to lecture for pages at a time that it was very near unbearable.  

TMHM stood out in a league of it's own.  Even after reading this book just under a year ago, I still enjoyed just about every minute and it was easy to place in the as yet nearly uninhabited paragon list.  TMHM was so much better, I'm not even going to bother dragging this out.  You know it.  I know it.  

So there it is.  When it comes to Heinlein’s 1960’s Hugo Winners -- The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is the true Master of the Precious.

Which also means Starship Troopers and Stranger in a Strange Land are the Frodo and Samwise of stupid, fat Hobitdom.  What's Tater's Precious?

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