29 March 2012

How To Be Flippant

“Do not try to harm the Vegan.  We will protect him.”
We sat there.  She took one of my cigarettes and we sat there smoking.
“…Hate you,” she said after a time, “It should be easy, but I can’t.”
I said nothing.
“I’ve seen you many times, swaggering in your Dress Blacks, drinking rum like water, confident of something you never share, arrogant in your strength.  –You’d fight your weight in anything that moves, wouldn’t you?”
“Not red ants or bumblebees.”
This Immortal by Roger Zelazny

This came right around the time that I actually started getting into this book (about 70 pages in) and it is shaping up to be an interesting review week.  I’m starting to really love how flippant Conrad (or whatever his name is) can be in spite of the most serious goings on, like contemplating the murder of an alien.

More importantly, what would and wouldn’t you fight your weight in?  I’m going with Humans.  I wouldn't want to fight those things J


  1. Flippant is an awesome word. Speaking of vegan and vegetarians, I will be needing your advice because after watching Food Inc. I have decided that I will try for a partial vegetarian diet. I love my meat but our countries food supply is scary...

    1. Wrong Vegan. Here Vegan = of Vega. We're talking aliens.

  2. You fight humans all the time. You just do it with your massive brain.


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