20 March 2012

1950's: Covers and Cut Fingers

I'll be honest - there were at least a couple times I really felt I would never leave the 1950's.  But after all, IT'S OVER!  So now it's time for the mini-retrospectives.  Let's begin with Art & Experience shall we?

Excepting Farmer in the Sky and F451, I only used pictures from the actual books I had on my person.  As a result, I got a grab bag of the old, the new, the academic, the strange and for the most part - the boring.  I didn't necessarily end up with the most exciting covers or artwork.  Though I'm not sure it counts, I think my favorite artwork came from the esper party in The Demolished Man (see the pics here).  Frankly I didn't find myself all that impressed by any of them and my patience to sit here and examine them is already gone.  Still, I suppose we've got to figure out which cover is actually best so I'll chop the field in half and let you all decide!  How fun is that? (not much)

I'll leave the poll up for a while and we'll see who sucked least.

In terms of experience, it is a little harder to quantify.  Let's see...

A Case of Conscience had such a hard covering from the FGCU library and the edges were so sharp that it was actually painful to read.  My poor baby fingers L

Something about the heft of a hardcover always makes me happy, so even when it wasn’t going too well, I enjoyed picking up They’d Rather Be Right.

The Demolished Man was also hardcover and stunk like an old library.  It was also actually good so that helped to.  But I get pretty frisky with a good hardcover while I’m reading them so this one had Jeremy all over it by the time I was through with it.

The Big Time and Farmer in the Sky were both E-Books and pretty much horrible to read on the computer.  Maybe if I had a tablet or Kindle it wouldn’t have been so bad.  Too late now.

In light of Carl V.’s post of a few days ago over at Stainless Steel Droppings on the Art of A Princess of Mars, I wish I had made more of an effort to look for art other than the covers each week, but I guess now I have a new goal for the 60's.

My favorite reviews to write were The Demolished Man and They’d Rather Be Right.  Just writing about them got my heart pumping.  But I’ll be talking more about the reviews in the next retrospect…

All in all, I’d say I’m feeling pretty uninspired by my experience of the 1950’s in general.  Sad.

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