24 February 2012

What Would You Save?


  1. I would probably end up just grabbing whichever book was near me, but if I really had a to make the decision, I guess I might choose Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlein. I can't think of anything else but I don't feel real sold on that answer.

    Montag chooses the book of Ecclesiastes from the Bible, btw.

  2. Ha! I haven't read F451, but my first impulse was to state "the bible" in its entirety. That was a given. However, since the bible is God made into word, God would simply have it reproduced through another prophet should man ever become so fallen that they would destroy all works of writing. Or He would just destroy the earth. ASIDE from the bible, I have to be cliché and say my book of "The Complete Works of Shakespeare" because I believe in it, he touches on so many human functions that can be studied and understood. If philosophers had to start anew, they could use his brilliant writing and analogies to begin to understand man. I love how I am surprised over and over at the extreme creative nature of his examples. People complain that it is a "hard read," but I don't think so at all if you open your mind to what he is saying. It is so much more than the actual tale that is being told.

  3. I seem to recall that that was one of Montag's questions too, philosophy or art? I guess you choose art?


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