21 June 2012

A Hamster Named Cunnilingus

“But you’re playing with fire and that’s very dangerous when you have a heart made of wood.  You’re gears hurt when you cough, don’t they?”
“Well that’s nothing compared to the suffering that love can inflict.  All love’s pleasures and joys are paid for one day with suffering, and the more passionately you love, the more your pain will increase.  You’ll find out what it means to miss somebody, the torment of jealousy and incomprehension.  What it feels like to be rejected and unfairly treated.  You’ll be chilled to the bone and your blood will form little blocks of ice that will float beneath your skin.  Your cuckoo clock heart with explode!  I was the one who grafted that clock onto you and have a perfect understanding of its limits.  It might survive the intensity of pleasure and beyond but it is not robust to endure the torment of love.”

Chapter 2, The Boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart by Mathias Malzieu

I’m reading this for the “We Want You to Read French Authors” Challenge at Beware of the Froggies  and it is turning out FABULOUSLY!  (Which I just noticed is their next review too.  Oh man we are going to have awesome tandem reviews!)  Let me show you:

#1 The Title.
#2 A wooden cuckoo clock heart… For Real.
#3 The sheltered boy’s first friends being prostitutes.
#4 The resulting hamster named cunnilingus.
#5 Beautiful, enthusiastic reading by Jim Dale

Shall I continue?  If you’re like me, the title had you anyway and the rest were just bonuses.  Stay tuned for this review!


  1. this is a good (and strange book)and there is a music video to go with it (as the author is a singer), though I wouldn't watch it until after you are done reading the book. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IuQRrPYzIw

    L (omphaloskepsis)

    1. Finished it this morning. Thanks for pointing out the video. There was also some music at the beginning and end of the audiobook that may or may not have been performed by dionysos. I forget exactly, but it was pretty cool.


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